About the Artist

Hi, my name is Mick!
Originally from Montana, I now call Maryland home with my husband and son. I love road tripping across the US and find inspiration for my art in my travels. Before becoming a full-time mom and artist, I worked as a florist and earned a degree in Plant Systems from BYU. I started my first tiny series in March of 2020 with a series of 1 inch landscapes and have since grown my collection to over 400 unique designs including animals, celestial skies, National Parks, and seasonal/holidays to name a few. I do all my painting at night at my kitchen table and find creativity in the quiet moments after everyone else has gone to bed. Since 2022, I have also begun converting some of my tiny art into larger digital pieces so they can accommodate larger spaces. With a passion for both art and adventure, I strive to bring a touch of aesthetic and creativity to homes across the country through my unique pieces.